Why these pieces of work?

In conceptualizing the project, the editorial team and the publisher had discussed the anthology’s scope. We finally decided to focus on the issues and themes written by the pioneer writers rather than trying to achieve a perfect representative mix among them. Similarly, we decided not to identify the pioneer writers beyond their names so that young writers of today can respond to these issues rather than the work’s provenance.

Who can submit?

Anyone between the ages of 17-35 with an affinity to Singapore is encouraged to contribute.

What genres can I write in?

Be creative! Although we expect mainly poetry or prose, we will accept work in any literary genre and style. Please keep your submission to either 50 lines (if it is a poem) or 2000 words (if prose or drama).

How will this be published?

We aim to publish this in a one-off anthology of writing, graciously supported by Landmark Books, before the end of 2017.

When will I hear about my submission?

We aim to get back to contributors by 1 month after deadline (Early April).

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