I was born,
At the fated hour,
Knocking at the door
Of a difficult passage

I came
to say something new;
My soul
Once touched the heart of turmoil

Whatever attracts me
or whatever I attract,
I am fettered at heart,
I am fixed in my city

As far back as I remember
I was acquainted with a dim star,
My father so constantly
Praying, imploring hope.

In moments of raging difficulty
My soul goes on saying;
Rise from the debris and ruins of torment
I remain in my city.

Never in my life
Have I betrayed my integrity,
Escaped from myself
To intercept the pleasure of dreams

Because my dream
Is my life
which in my life becomes my dream,
becomes the blood of my world.

Trees, branches,
The lovely sand, the waves of the oceans.
Never by my faith.
Have I doubted your love.

Like liquid frozen
Never to melt again,
I know all my love
Is for the earth of the city I have embraced

By Masuri
Translated from Bahasa Melayu